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My Story...


After receiving a hand-me-down Nikkormat SLR camera at the age of 12, I instantly developed a deep love of photography. When I later studied photography at art school, I was very drawn to the use of special effects and filters. This being at the dawn of home computers, however, my early work was done in the darkroom, not on the screen.


Now, however, in the digital age, I finally feel able to fully actualize my visions. Allowing each picture to dictate my approach, I will sometimes do next to no processing but will oftentimes do extensive alterations using filters, effects, and texture layers. Far from being a stickler for technical perfection, I am much more concerned with the art and intuition of the images. I like to leave the viewer wondering how much is real and how much is fantasy.


Shy by nature and clinically agoraphobic, I have struggled in my outward nature. Photography has helped me to not only capture my world but to remain present in it. My subject matter is as varied as my surrounding world. I look for beauty wherever I may be; whether it is hiking in the woods, walking the streets of a city, or in my backyard. I think there is beauty to be found no matter where you look and I love trying to capture it.

All photos © 2010-2017 Amy Neufeld

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